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Decorative Film ( Thermal & Wet)

Decorative Films are made of Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP / Polyester PET). Decorative Films are instilled with extrusion-coated EVA on one side of the film, allowing the adherence to the support to be laminated through heat. Decorative Films give an eye catching & attractive look to the products. Decorative Films are available in metallic & bliss colors, in different generic designs. We can also provide you with customized designs & patterns of Decorative Films as per your requirement. These are available in plain Uncoated and EVA Coating according to the requirement.


  • Decorative Item
  • Gift Packaging



Thickness ( micron ) : 30

Length ( Sq mtr / kg ) : 38

Size : As per required size.


Thickness ( micron ) : 12

Length ( Sq mtr / kg ) : 60

Size : As per required size.